Lois Freedman - Counseling for Women

Private Counseling

For more than twenty five years, Lois has been providing private counseling to pregnant women, new mothers, and many other women who are experiencing difficult transitions, losses and anxiety. Within a confidential setting, she creates a sacred space to explore emotions and facilitate healing.

The period from pregnancy through postpartum is an important developmental stage in a woman’s life. This time presents a special opportunity for women to explore the many emotions that may arise as a result of the profound act of giving birth. In addition to taking a childbirth class, many women find it helpful to share their feelings, thoughts, questions and concerns in a safe, private setting.

Motherless women, women whose own mothers have passed away, either in recent years or when they were children, can be vulnerable to feelings of sadness and grief as they themselves embark on new motherhood. The loss of this most intimate relationship can be monumental. Even women whose mothers are alive may experience feelings of “mother-loss,” a yearning for more compassion than their mothers are able to provide. Talking about these difficult emotions can be the first step towards healing.

Lois also has a particular interest and expertise in helping women and couples prepare for VBAC, vaginal birth after cesarean. While women who have healthy babies often feel relief and gratitude, those who undergo an unexpected cesarean sometimes feel disappointment or grief. Processing any fear or feelings of regret from a previous birth experience can be an important part of preparing for a subsequent pregnancy, labor, birth and postpartum period.

Women who have lost a baby, either before or during childbirth, or during the child's infancy, must have the opportunity to grieve and process the feelings of devastation that follow such a profound event. Lois creates a safe environment for women and couples to acknowledge and experience these profoundly difficult emotions, and to work towards healing.

Finally, women at any stage of life face issues around relationships, family and professional life. Lois assists women who experience generalized anxiety or who have faced losses or traumas by working towards gentle, compassionate healing.

Contact Lois Freedman by phone at 617-543-1270, or Lois@LoisFreedman.net