Lois Freedman - Counseling for Women

Loss of a Baby

The period of pregnancy, childbirth, and new motherhood can sometimes be painful. Things can go tragically wrong during this time: an anticipated pregnancy ends in miscarriage; a stillbirth occurs; a healthy infant dies in his sleep. When a woman or a couple loses a baby, the feelings of devastation run deep.

The loss of a pregnancy, whether through miscarriage or termination, gives rise to a range of emotions, and a woman needs special nurturing during this time. A woman can benefit greatly from the opportunity to share her experience, grieve this significant loss, and gather her strength to move forward. Lois offers women, with or without their partners, a safe space to work through these emotions.

Perhaps most difficult of all, when a woman loses a new baby or a young child, she has lost a part of herself forever. Lois works with women and couples who have experienced this heartbreak, offering them compassion, sacred time and space to grieve. While a woman may never fully heal from such a monumental loss, comfort can come from sharing her burden in a safe, private setting.

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